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Re: Marrying with the boy in the question ??

Originally Posted by Aleena View Post
Very nice work Aleena. You finaly manage to upload your chart!
Hope that is the correct one.
About the chart now and your question:
Re: Marrying with the boy in the question ??
I love a boy .is marriage possible with that guy??
In this chart we have 1th house=you= =
and the boy is the Moon (7th house.
Dear the truth is that the reception between you are not good at all.
Saturn (you) is in detriment of that Moon (he} and Moon is in the fall of that
Means that you do not have any common, it also means that both of you hurts each other.
The same about the Sun (co ruler) is in the 7th (he thinks of himself), and is in the detriment of this Saturn (you).
Can you you give us more details please about the all story. The receptions are too badly.

Mars is also the natural mars of divisions.
The Moon here is Void and when it changes position it will catch Mars but also Uranus (the modern ruler of divorces, of unusual events)
Also, Saturn (you) here will change your mind about the whole issue (retro)

sorry dear Aleena for my bad news. Please wait others opinion from the members
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