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Re: Sun - Chiron in Composite

Originally Posted by rahu View Post
hi AquaAqua,
This stellium also show that you both are exceptionally intelligent and that your conversation are articulate and incisive. You speak about the most modern subjects and you both are analytical and somewhat critical when you see falsity.
This aspect by itself often brings a sense of soulmates because of the close mental/psychic communications between you.
The healing vibration is also very pronounced as the kite formation consisting of venus trine Neptune and Saturn and opposed to pluto/moon gives strong healing powers . Actually these can be almost miraculous healing powers between you. This pattern also highlights the great emotional sensitivity you have for each other. This is a sensitive, nourishing and supportive relationship.
With the mars/venusmidpoint opposed to the psyche/satrun midpoint, the difference in age may be indicated, but this also shows the deep of the love your have with her .

The sun/moon midpoint is conjunct the eros/psyche midpoint so in spite of your age differences, you love each other as children do. Sexuality is important but just being with each other and listening to each others breath can be just as satisfying as the physical union with her. Truly you make her feel as if she was young child experiencing her first love. So when together you and she form a timeless sphere around you.
Saturn is square to the Jupiter/pluto midpoint. This is indicative of her financial assistance, but it is also a sign that the love in the relationship will likely not turn into a committed relationship, as this pattern bodes a breakup.

Dear Rahu

Many thanks i find all of the above quite true. I am indeed very critical of falsities! That was a perfect reading by you. Also we are quite sensitive towards each other.

I believe i feel vibrations/see patterns/have some sort of 'psychic' intelligence. For instance when i first wen to her house on seeing her bed i was troubled. She was quite vocal how it was a 'interesting arrangement and everyone remarked on it'. It was a unique arrangement indeed and after I lay on it for a few minutes alone while she was gone I concluded it was a perfectly normal arrangement for a unique individual, but what i did not like was how i could not see its legs and lots of stuff/mattresses underneath it. This told me she is hiding a lot inside/underneath and in a way sleeping on it!

She did not show it but i could sense she agreed.

However Rahu you did not comment on the mars neptune conjunction! Fear not for i don't fear what this says. I am not n the least looking for a 'regular
relationship' or relationship for that matter. Relationships for me are the primary mode for growth and self understanding. Everytime one ends i eventually end up feeling i have learnt something or grown and/or done the same for the other person.
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