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Re: What determines a woman's sex drive?

Originally Posted by Brook View Post
For me..
Venus is in 03 degrees in Capicorn.
Mars is in 09 degrees in Libra.

What does this mean?
You have a square between Venus and Mars. Venus is what you like or envision in a romantic partner and Mars is what you end up getting. Venus wants a stable, earthy upstanding commitment. Mars brings home a fun, flirty, light hearted casual affair and it is fun but dissapointijng overall?

Here is a great explanation from a cool blog:
Venus /Mars square:
These two planets are also huge factors in how you sex it up. The square people I find are often either inappropriately over-sexed or pathetically undersexed. And they often vacillate between the two modes depending on the situation, usually going for whichever mode is the most inappropriate. Example, I wore whore boots and a short black dress with a slit up the side to my boyfriends thesis defense. Flip-side example, I have picked up a magazine off the floor during sex and started reading it.

Some I have encountered have become so fed up with the disparity in what they want and what the usually get, they have stopped trying all together. They rock chopped off hair, no make up, and a “but these sweat pants are really comfortable” attitude. And they’re miserable. Sometimes they get a wild hair and go buy a really red lipstick, put it on once, cry and throw it away. Others are on predator over-drive. Stalking friends of friends of friends on FaceSpace. Bringing home quantity over quality. “If I **** the whole haystack, I will eventually find that needle I want, right?” The tactics are different but the enemy is the same, dissatisfaction.

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