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Re: Sun - Chiron in Composite

Originally Posted by katydid View Post
I think it is really fantastic that you found each other. Having a KITE in a composite can be wonderful. It is a way of 'rising above' ones circumstances and feeling elevated by the partnership.

This kite is built upon a Fire grand trine and has 7 points in the trine and 2 more in the opposition. The Moon/Pluto in Libra in the 8th is the flash point. That Moon/Pluto describes the secrecy and privacy you spoke of. And the intensity is evident as it is the backbone for the Fiery grand Trine. There is a whole lot of creativity and healing energy bouncing around in that grand trine.

The second house stellium is interesting here. Aries on the cusp, makes it about self confidence and self esteem. This relationship builds up each individual and helps them stay strong as they go out into the world, as individuals.

Thanks Katydid

I like how you said we found each other. I think the same way about this. As if we deserved each other. In a good way offcourse!

I like/prefer 'privacy'. I am by nature like that in my relationships. I just don't understand why people need to know. Maybe it's because of my past experiences. Also that fits nicely here because of our age diffrence and society.

Thanks so much!
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