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Sun - Chiron in Composite


End of last year i met this women and we sort of entered a relationship. Its an unusual one with a lot of comfort level and relaxation. I find it very therapeutic. When we are together i seem to relax so much that i feel drugged! Same goes with the women who keeps thanking me for making her feel alive, young, 'her' again. She is very generous towards me both physically and financially, though i keep it real.

I attribute this to composite Sun-conjunct chiron and its healing effect. We both have Angular chirons (mine is conjunct ascendant (2 deg) and hers is wide conjunct to IC (6 deg)) square our Suns.

We both have pain/problems with our bodies. She has a broken back and i suffer from pain often in my shoulders. An important facet our relationship is she giving me very healing shoulder messages which soothe my pain (both physical and emotional).

Also i found this description by Liz Greene very correct. We have considerable age diffrence. Also while she has two grown up children, I have a young child and fighting a divorce case for the last 3 years. We are both freedom loving and independent people and our relationship is private.

'Sun-Chiron contacts in a composite suggest that the relationship itself carries an unhealable wound, usually from the past of both parties, or from the nature of the world in which the two people are living. At the same time, the relationship may provide deep healing for both people, or for others who come in contact with the couple, because the inherent limits invoke suffering and consequent understanding and compassion.

I have sometimes seen Sun-Chiron in a composite when two people want very badly to have children but are unable to do so.'

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Just wanted to share and document this. What are your thoughts on this Composite?
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