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Re: Capricorns and Addictions

Originally Posted by StillConfused View Post
Not to villainize Saturn any more than it already perhaps justly perhaps unjustly is, but because it is such a karmically aware, "outerly" focused planet, a person with a Saturn-ruled Sun may abandon their own fulfillment, the hardest part being they feel on a deep level of their psyche that it is the only correct way to be, and may struggle to liberate themselves from that belief just because it is integrated so deeply on multiple layers of themselves. The Sun is also linked to pride so the person struggles with pride being linked to work and physical proof of their worth.

Physical manifestation is a crucial aspect of fulfillment on Earth. But my opinion is that when it is focused upon in such a way that psychology, spirit, fulfillment, emotions, human contact, etc., all come last... that's a pretty hard life. It's hard because we've abandonned our desires, and thus ourselves, and the things that actually keep us going and missed the point that physical manifestation is nothing but a result of those things, and not the other way around.
I don't have a Saturn-ruled Sun but I've got a wide Sun square Saturn aspect in my chart, and this is VERY true and VERY hard to accept. It $ucks feeling like you have to prove your worth outwardly. It causes a lot of anxiety ('what if something goes wrong?' 'what if I can't do it?' etc. etc.), especially if you're not an Earthy person to begin with. Earth is material and feels very 'final' to me, if that makes sense. It either is or it isn't, no in-betweens. You're either on the mark or you're not. That's very scary for the Sun, which feels like it should be able to shine regardless.
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