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Re: Capricorns and Addictions

Very interesting thread (as I am a capricorn too you see ).

Just my two scents here. As a Cap female I have not been addicted to anything in my life, and hope this continues for the rest of my life (i am approaching my Saturn return so you can guess about how old I am).
With 4 of my planets in Capricorn and Asc in Cap, I can agree to some extent with much of what is being said above. I drink but never drunk, I have smoked as well, and did not like like the feeling of either.

I think a part of that as stated before is most Caps do care about social rules and would not want to be seen as doing something socially unacceptable in public or otherwise; a part of it too as mentioned before is that Capricorn link to integrity; but mostly for myself it is about control. I think Capricorn and Saturn have a lot to do with control, and feelings of control. Control of time, of responsibilities, and of themselves. That feeling of a loss of control that comes with using alcohol or other drugs is unwanted at least for myself and other Capricorns that I know. Without control one may never have success, or may be seen as lacking in some way.

I have often seen that when Capricorns go about attaining what they want outside of Saturn's boundaries ( Saturn does not rule substances) they often get drawn back, whether it takes a longer time to achieve what they want or they must learn some lesson. So yes, Capricorns can have addictions, much like any other sign. However, they will remain stagnant (perhaps not the best word) until they have learned some lesson, or until the time is right. Addictions stop you from working to your full potential, and the sign of Capricorn deals with working, discipline, and striving for success which are beautiful aspects of character that can be hindered by addiction

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