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Re: Capricorns and Addictions

Originally Posted by cappy1991 View Post
Thanks for all the info! I'm a Cap born in the early 90s (you probably could figure that from my name!) and a lot of the time I do feel like escaping or something. And I do think of myself as being pretty spiritual although I've moved passed a lot of the more conservative beliefs I was taught as a child. I had a problem with bad depression and anxiety two years ago but luckily I did not get addicted to anything. Again thanks for all the info, it helps!
Yay :-). I'm glad it helped.

Personally it helped me to perceive that although the 12th house (associated with Pisces and escape) is linked to things like self-undoing, loss, waste, etc., these are unfavorable qualities from the mundane perspective only. We are literally judging the 12th house not from an energetic perspective, but from the perspective of what can this person physically produce in the world, but whether the world is just about physically producing is, at least in my mind, an open question. I think there is much value in being receptive to one's subconscience, including in terms of manifesting more desires physically.

So a lot of time might be spent in a state of receptivity... but objectively speaking, who is to say working out at the gym, or office work, is a better use of that time? In my opinion it would be only if it made the person happier, and not happier because it shielded them from the wrath of their torturously programmed conscience, but happier because it truly fulfilled them. In the end we all die, so we might as well be doing exactly what it is we feel pulled to do. The world doesn't actually benefit more by our sacrifices than our joys, we've only been programmed to see it that way.

So what I am trying to get to is that unwanted "escapism" could be creative energy trying to express itself, but being blocked because we do not feel it is worthy, and we do not understand its spiritual value, so we cannot use it to its full potential until. The same goes for Neptune, we may fear it because it may bring deception and shake up our routines, but really that's only if we're fighting to fit it into the box of our routines, and trying to make it work for us in a preconceived way. Because in my current opinion, Neptune is not a cop out, it is not a lie, but an invitation to a different kind of truth, but it feels like loss and delusion when it is not seen for the powerful spiritual catalyst that it is, and treated as such within our psyche. Neptunian energy does have to go somewhere, even if it isn't accepted, so it will be felt one way or another.
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