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Re: Any insights to this aspects "Sun sesquiquadrate moon"?

hi Freedomlover,

I really appreciate such a thorough interpretation from you.
I think your interpretation are quite true about me. Since
my Mercury is in Sagittarius and in found in the 8th house,
please forgive me if I had asked too much questions listed

1) So, in a general view, do you know what are the main
cause(s) that are blocking/preventing me from moving
forward? Is it due to the stellium in 8th House and what
are some possible advise or solutions to make myself
become much more confident, firm and strong?

2) What can Jupiter in 8th house gain, as compare to Jupiter in
2nd house (i.e. winning lottery or windfalls, etc)?

3) What are my stengths and weaknesses from the natal chat reading?

Thanks for your help!

Soo-Khee Chia
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