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Re: Any insights to this aspects "Sun sesquiquadrate moon"?

Originally Posted by cskhee2
I am a 26-year old male will be engaging in marriage soon. But, I am
still jobless, clueless about myself, my life, my partner and every
single things that I should have know long long time ago. I am
really confused and lost. i need help
Since you said this, I have a few thoughts on your chart, but not on the Sun sesquiquadrate Moon. I agree that 4 degrees is too wide of an orb to use for sesquiquadrate. However, both your Sun and Uranus make a pretty exact sesquiquadrate to your Ascendant. Some do not use aspects to angles, but I have found them useful. This is all really technicalities, because your Moon is still conjunct the Ascendant, and therefore draws into the mix anyway.

Sun in Sag rules your 5th. Uranus in Sag rules your 11th. They meet in an almost exact to the arc minute conjunction in the 8th house. What is in your 8th often has to undergo a transformation - a "death, burial, and resurrection" process. This tells me you probably have issues regarding your sense of self and creative abilities, children (including your child-like ability to play and have fun)-5th house, and your personal hopes and dreams-11th house.

Mars rules your Asc and 8th hosue, and is in the 10th conjunct your MC. This tells me further that you like to be seen as rich, authoritative,respected, and successful. Since it also rules the 8th, there is a link to the issues in the 8th house again. Part of your hesitancy to marry may possibly have to do with working to financially support your wife - and the pressure and obligations you would take on in doing so. This may further kill your 5th/11th house issues. Did you ever hear of "Do what you love - the money will follow?"

In addition, the ruler of the 9th - Jupiter in Scorpio, is in the 8th. This points to some kind Jupiter in Scorpio belief systems needing to undergo transformation. Again - the traditional,cultural belief that you must be the sole financial provider for your spouse may come under scrutiny. It could also deal with your beliefs about death and reincarnation.

Moon in Aries is in the 12th, and rules the 4th. Something about expressing your anger, assertiveness, etc is an area of your self-undoing. It may also point to issues with angry/selfish females in your family of origin. Or alternatively, the belief that females were not allowed to be assertive - or weren't supposed to have independence - or "be first". It could also express that you are too "selfless" (Pisces on 12th cusp) and never allow yourself to be first by resting and times of solitude.

Anyway, both Moon in Aries on one side, with a pretty tight square - and Pluto/Saturn in Libra on the other side, with a looser square - are both "squaring off" against your Mars in Capricorn.

Your South Node is in Cap in the 9th, disposited by Saturn in Libra in the 7th. Again, it would point to this is not the way for you to go this lifetime - beliefs about finances in marriage partnership. Your North Node is in Cancer in the 3rd, with Gemini on the cusp. It's very important for you to relate to your own and other's emotional needs. This could further tie in with another interpretation for Jupiter in Scorpio - the need to bond emotionally with others - especially a true soulmate.

Furthering the communication theme.... Mercury, ruler of the 3rd - and Venus, ruler of the 7th, are also tightly conjunct in Sagittarius - and in the 8th house. This is another area that may need to undergo transformation.You may need to focus on better communication with females. Sometimes this indicates a problem communicating with the mother - being expected to conform to mother's expectations. It can indicate an overcontrolling,know-it-all type mother - especially with the Moon in Aries being in the 12th. (But not always - see if it fits.)

The Sun/Uranus conjunction in the 8th, along with Jupiter in Scorpio in 8th could also possibly have something to do with the sudden loss of a father figure, and the grieving process never being finished. This could also translate into some issue you have with God.

See if you can tie some of these points together and see if they help you uncover why you are feeling confused and lost. You are somehow making decisions that are not true to yourself and your purpose for incarnating.

Wishing you the best,

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