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control, to SC


You asked:
Originally Posted by cskhee2
Another question I have is that how important is 8th house to me? It seems like my stellium in 8th house is preventing me from moving forward, including my school, my personal life, my relationship and my commitment, i.e. to engage or marry my girlfriend. I felt strongly on not marrying now (despite of my engagement with my girlfriend soon, I felt I am not ready to marry)
Since you have a strong focus on the 8th house (transformation, also control) which include Venus (relationships), you may have a "control or be controlled" attitude towards relationships. This possibility is increased since you have Pluto (transformation, also control) focused in the 7th house (relationships) as well. The challenge is to find someone you can SHARE control with. If you aren't willing to share control with your aren't going to have a relationship.


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