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Re: Addiction in Natal Chart

A strong Neptune, NOT otherwise engaged, or aspecting Moon or possibly other personal planets, can show a person is not using their Neptune constructively.

However, the worst part about Neptune is it's tendency to BLUR reality or desire to blur reality as reality is too difficult.
Also: When Neptune sits on the 4th house cusp....and sometimes other angles, the person has only a vague sense of ''identity'' or ''authentic self.''

Neptune rules deception, fantasy, escape. We can all do these things in a more positive way...but if we don't we will use or BE USED in a negative or addictive way....whether that addiction is a substance or a behavior. Often an addict will have several addictions, mixed behavioral and substance (alcohol included).

There are other clues. Heavy debilitated personal planets....squares, opps or inconjuncts to personal planets. Not enough aspects to personal planets.

It's never ONE thing....but the person's environment, luck and support or LACK of support can be the difference between being addicted and overcoming major issues in one's life.

Early traumas are often covered up (later) with addictive behaviors. Not getting the help they need leads to self destructive behaviors.

It's a BIG subject.

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