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Originally Posted by chillertheater View Post

The other pattern I noticed in a lot of famous addicts was Neptune in Libra or Scorpio.
That just reflects the generations those famous addicts belong to. Neptune was in those signs from 1942 to 1970. If you're looking through a database of late twentieth to early twenty-first century celebrities' charts, you will see Neptune in Libra or Scorpio a lot, because the majority of people listed there were born during those years.

Neptune's sign placement isn't indicative of addiction. If it were, everyone born in the same 14 year period would be an addict. But Neptune aspects to personal planets could be one risk factor for addiction.

Originally Posted by chillertheater View Post
My favorite singer and celebrity addict Joe Cocker had the same placement. His chart also says he was a huge introvert; all the planets are below the horizon.
Having the majority of planets below the horizon does not make the native an introvert. All that means is that they don't feel any particularly strong need to have their accomplishments and milestones recognized by others. This is the person who, if they get married, they'll be fine with just slipping down to the courthouse and not having a "real" wedding. Or, when they decide they're done with their studies, they don't care about completing an actual degree, unless they really need the degree to get a job.

In contrast, someone with the majority of planets above the horizon would tend to want milestones, like marriage or completion of school, recognized in some way. Not necessarily a big showy way, but it wouldn't just be a private accomplishment to them, they would want a tangible marker that others recognize. They're not necessarily an extrovert, though.

How comfortable a person is in the spotlight depends more on the signs they have emphasized. A lot of Aries in the chart suggests they're willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want, and if that means being visible, that means being visible. However, if a lot of Aries goes along with a lot of Pisces or Taurus, there will also be a more private side to that person, and their sense of privacy might make them not want the spotlight at all.
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