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Addiction in Natal Chart

Hello friends, new here.

I am curious as to your opinions about what in a natal chart could point to a problem with alcoholism and substance abuse.

I know I shouldn't cherrypick elements without considering the chart as a whole, but I have heard that Neptune's placement and aspects have something to do with addictive tendencies. I have Neptune in the sixth house of health so have to be careful about the substances I put into my body, and have been sober since 2001. My favorite singer and celebrity addict Joe Cocker had the same placement. His chart also says he was a huge introvert; all the planets are below the horizon. Interesting for a performer, but his loaded first house and Aries ascendant probably helped make him comfortable before an audience.

The other pattern I noticed in a lot of famous addicts was Neptune in Libra or Scorpio.

I have attached my chart. And Joe's, what the heck. I'd love to read an interpretation of his chart!

Thank you,


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