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Re: Does south node represent karma or your past life/ past lives?

No one's mentioned this yet, so I will.

I came here trying to interpret a synastry, a person whose presence I've felt all my life, been drawn to, almost seem to turn with respect to, though we were only ever schoolmates & acquaintances. The first time I checked out astrology 30+ years ago there was nothing in our charts to explain it.

Jump ahead to today and I start to learn about Chiron & Black Moon Lilith & the Nodes.

First I observed that 4 of her planets had conjunctions or opposites to my BML (our BMLs are conjunct bc we're born 39 days apart). Then I found out that would mean she was drawn to ME; no help.

Then it finally dawned on me: her Moon and her South Node are right on my South Node, which is also conjunct my IC, and conjunct my Lilith which is conjunct her Lilith on the other side.

I have not yet been able to parse all this. But the one thing that comes up again & again is how someone conjunct my SN is going to feel very familiar. If you believe in past lives it means you had a relationship before.

Familiar, okay; still trying to explain the fascination, like she has something I'm missing.
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