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Re: How many domicile planets can be found in someone's chart?

Originally Posted by Forgotten Warrior View Post
I've seen some charts with more than two planets in a domicile sign,and I've wondered...just how many of them could possibly exist in a natal chart?
For example:

A supposed native has Sun in Leo,Moon in Cancer,and Mercury in Virgo.
But he/she also has Venus in Libra(or Mars in Scorpio),Jupiter in Sagittarius and/or Saturn in Capricorn.
If we count in both Jupiter and Saturn,there are 6 planets in domicile.
I haven't included outer planets because of their slow orbits.If one's in domicile,then the others may be exalted,peregrine,debilitated or in fall.
What do you think?It's just a newbie's theory,so I'm up for receiving any positive and useful criticism.
You can have all planets in their domiciles, provided that Mercury is in Virgo and Venus in Libra, since they can't be more than one or two signs away from the Sun respectively.
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