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How many domicile planets can be found in someone's chart?

I've seen some charts with more than two planets in a domicile sign,and I've wondered...just how many of them could possibly exist in a natal chart?
For example:

A supposed native has Sun in Leo,Moon in Cancer,and Mercury in Virgo.
But he/she also has Venus in Libra(or Mars in Scorpio),Jupiter in Sagittarius and/or Saturn in Capricorn.
If we count in both Jupiter and Saturn,there are 6 planets in domicile.
I haven't included outer planets because of their slow orbits.If one's in domicile,then the others may be exalted,peregrine,debilitated or in fall.
What do you think?It's just a newbie's theory,so I'm up for receiving any positive and useful criticism.

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