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Uranus Transit Conj Sun

Currently Uranus is Conj my Sun. It's making it's second pass and I've heard the second time it passes after going retrograde is supposed to bring the effects of the transit. I don't know what to expect. The only thing that I can think of is that I learned that I do in fact have anxiety/panic disorder. And I learned my father also struggles with it and so did his mother. And a lot of things make sense in my life now. But, is that it? It seems really underwhelming and honestly a bit disappointing. I felt like uranus transits have usually been way more positive in my life especially the Conj. I am a Uranus Dominant. So I've always really like uranus but it feels like it's not doing anything right now. If anyone has any experiences please share them I would love to learn more about this specific transit.
Uranus Conj Sun/Ketu 4 Taurus 1st house.
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