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Re: Will this be a successful attempt to go back to school?

Originally Posted by moonmoney View Post
I have gone through a really heavy and crazy past six months, really am in a completely different place than I was. I'm starting to look towards the future and plan my next steps.

Yesterday I signed up to potentially go back to school in about 5 months, most likely to enter a NEW career field. I will have to quit my job. Not sure if it will happen or what the outcome will be. Want to know if this chart shows whether or not it will be a successful attempt?

Any indication on the whens and hows? Maybe how the course of study will go if my admission is viable?

I greatly appreciate any help!
dear hi!
Will this be a successful attempt to go back to school?
You ask if it's worth the trouble ??? If I understand corectly then we have the school, study, and we will see if you will benefit from these studies.
iam not so optismic about this chart.
also Mercury =you,, will be retro, something will change in your mind.
Also i do not like mercurys position. In in the fall of that Saturn=school.
Saturn is in detriment of that Moon=emotional but also your money.
Moon in there is in detriment and in the fall of that Mercury=you
the same about Mars (when will change sign) and for jupiter.
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