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Re: Will midterms usher in new control in U.S. House?

unique_astrology, have you got a prediction for the House and Senate seats in 2018? I'd be tempted to use an Aries ingress chart,but the one for 2016 seemed to bomb pretty badly. However, its interpretation re: "the party in power" and the "opposition" probably doesn't work so well in the US system, where these can be split, as it would in a parliamentary system.

Of course, a President Pence would keep the Republican clean sweep in Washington, but I don't think he'd fire up the Trump base, many of whom had been Democrats prior to 2016. I think a lot of Trump voters are loyal to Trump the man, not to a more lackluster Republican party, with Joe Schmoe running for a House seat.

I am one of these Americans who thought that Trump should never have been elected; and now that he's in office, my view of him is steadily deteriorating. But if the Fall of the House of Trump were to drag down the United States with it, that would be a lot worse.
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