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Re: How serious is this??

this seems serious to me, yeah could be kidney issue or such.

It seems your emotional nature does not want to deal with the health issues, maybe you are scared to know what exactly is the issue? Moon is in a wellplaced sign but in detriment to Mars , ruler of your 6th.

Venus (your significator) is in its term so you do have some power over this if you take action...Mars (your health ruler) is peregrine and in the 8th house - your health won't improve on its own, you need to do something about this, more than what you have done so far. I hope the homeopath can help.

Venus also rules 12th of hidden things and Saturn placed there, Both Venus and Mars in 8th, although Venus is at the cusp of the 9th... succedent house/mutable sign - the illness will not be long lasting. At least not years - but possibly months. But there is no aspect between Moon/Mars, Venus/Mars....which puzzles me...
Moon will sextile Mercury, some mutual reception here so outcome is good, I think...eventually.

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