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Re: JOB HELL. Will it end?

And now that I know this is your original natal chart: bosses are found in your tenth house. What's there, and at your MC, describes what kind of boss you have, if you have a boss, and what kind of boss you are if you are the boss. Obviously, you can work for multiple bosses over a lifetime, most people do, and those different bosses might have very different personalities and management styles. If you yourself become a boss, your style might be different from that of any boss you've had. Still, the tenth house manages to describe them all, very loosely, just like your seventh loosely describes all your romantic partners.

If you have a bad boss, you have one who shows the negative traits of a Scorpio Mercury and Neptune. Unclear. Secretive (not always a bad thing in itself, but not what you need from a boss--the effective ones are up front with you). Manipulative and tells bold faced lies (those can be Mercury traits, and Scorpio has its own particular way of being manipulative). Hides from responsibility.

If you've previously had better bosses (I hope you did!), they would've had positive kinds of Scorpio-Mercury-Neptune traits. Maybe they came up with creative solutions. Maybe they were empathetic. Maybe they were particularly good listeners. Perhaps even the kind of person who was so good at listening that they helped you out with something before you realized you'd told them you needed help.

So your tenth house doesn't show the quality of your boss, in that it doesn't show how functional they are, as a boss. Just the ways they could be functional or dysfunctional. (Or simply some characteristic about them: for example, I have Uranus at my midheaven, and I've had several bosses who were particularly quirky people.) It sounds like you're living with the dysfunctional version.
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