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Re: The natal chart all interpretations welcome

Originally Posted by Hkk View Post
I have put another chart up. This one has all the liliths. I have learnt on here there is more than one. I have now found the correct chart to show it.
I have looked online but no real interpretations and who better to ask than this astrology community

So please take a look and give me your insights to what all these Liliths mean.

Thank You xx
The most talked "Black moon Lilith (BML)" is not showing in your chart.
When you select the chart, underneath there is another field for selection, choose the one "...with asteroids" all the main asteroids including black moon Lilith will show up. The net have more info on BML compared to other liliths. Fyi, BML has a symbol of crescent moon on top of a cross.
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