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Re: Chiron in composite?

Thanks a lot. I am getting more and more thrilled with how the astrology works brillantly! All your comments were increadibly true! I also admire your usage of midpoints on the composites. I have never felt that I belong to this relationship. Perhaps it is because of the unaspected Moon on the composite chart. As if I am watching this behind the scenes. His persistance got me into the relationship and I did not want to break his heart later. Yes we are having good time when we are together but I could not fall in love with him. I also got suspicious from time to time if he is honest and if he truly loves me. But I could not have the power to put an end this and for now being only just waiting for him to finish it.

The only thing that makes me think is the NN that conjuncts our composite sun. I wonder if that is an indication for being a significant one. Could you advise us some valuable readings on that?

I think there is no perfect chart. We are only learning from whoever we met and we are meant to be.

Thanks again for giving us a better understanding of the natures of the relationships. This is what astrology for right?
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