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Re: Chiron in composite?

hi elansome
yuor composite has a uranus/sun conjunction which is very gives a psychic connection that could mean that you two have the same dreams or are in each others dreams.
the mars/venus midpoint is conjunct to mercury and opposed to jupiter.this shows a very warm,loving and humorous joke and just have a good time with each also have good communication and talk about everything under the sun.the jupiter influence shows tht you feel this could be a very serious relationship.
on the down side ,mars is square to saturn.this indicates that he can be very closed and insensitive to your needs at times.with the neptune/pluto midpoint conjnct to mars,he can be very deceptive and actually mean to you at times.this may seem incongrous as at other times you two seem so happy and caring of each other.this mars/pluto/neptune infleunces gives him a dark side that probably does not value the relationship.
the relationship seems fairly good right,but in may he may begin to wander or you may change your feelings to him.
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