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Re: Can someone give me a read on career and marriage?

Originally Posted by creativei View Post
You are scorpio asc cancer rasi pushya nakshatra good for spirituality and business .

Reg marriage concerned you have saturn in 2nd aspected by mars this indicates late marriage and even more than one marriage too unable to make to up the mind when it comes to committed to relationships , settle after long battle . spouse is well to do pretty artistic has refined , highly independent and has huge ego , she wish everyone in your family should revolve around her wish to center of attraction . expects high respects from family members highly spendthrift luxurious lover very romantic , wild lover . high sex drive . sex is must then only rest . you will meet her in your profession , may be 2 yrs senior to your age but very pretty and gracious . always seeks your attention. suffocating lover . both are very successful in their respective profession . she may be from medical side or legal side and it will have some amount of government touch in it . you are under control of your spouse ! ..

Reg profession you are lucky in that 10th lord is own house with 7th and 11th lord . indicates you may work under some one for a certain period of time after that you start your own business . but for some time financially impoverished , marriage brings luck , your profession goes sky high after ,marriage . you also wil have media related job in later part of your life . currently you are running mercury dasa first part of dasa gives trouble second part will be highly favorable , you travel to many countries with your wife for both profession and pleasure actually this is alignment for fame . professionally very successful person . also get many awards and prizes for professional achievements . next ketu dasa is very good interms of money . venus dasa wil be golden period for u , all around success . but only thing , this period you marry second time or will have illegal connection which is not known to society or even to your wife

take care of eyes , do proper medical checkup . already you may wearing specs i think . take care before any serious illness occurs . you have high chance of having night blindness so take care....
Thanks for your analysis, and yes I use glasses.
Do you think I can aim for a job in politics? I'm still kind of lost in my career not knowing really what I want to do.
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