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Re: Confusion over 12th House Virgo North Node Interpretation

Wow, a lot of good info here! I have had a similar confusion as my NN is in Pisces(6th) and South node in Virgo(12th house). For me I find I oscillate between dreamy Pisces or I over do it (Virgo). Trying to find a balance has and continues to be the battle of evermore! My energy levels are rarely high but if I get a burst of energy, I always take full advantage and get as much work done as possible.... then burn out. As for routine, anytime I try to stick to one, I get thrown a curve ball and voila chaos. It is a rinse and repeat for me to get back on the hamster wheel, then chaos again. Only simple quick rituals or routines work, some of the time. I also have a stellium in my 12th which I think adds to the chaos.
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