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Re: 2019 Solar Return

This year looks very promising. Natally the majority of your planets are on the western side of your chart and this year they are easterly. Optimism is strong as noted in how you ended your post. You may start your day early with energy and renewed enthusiasm rather than feeling like you just want to come home and put your feet up with a glass of wine. With strong 11th house emphasis there may be a push for freedom and changes are likely.

Earth is strong showing all kinds of work and employment being emphasized. SR Asc. is Scorpio showing your N. 7th house coming into focus and this theme is being repeated with N. Mars in conj with SR. Asc. SR Sun in trine with Saturn/Pluto conj may show you connecting with powerful people who can help and empower you. This may be the year you reap what you have sewn.

Mercury is the strongest planet in your 11th house and the square from Moon/Jupiter shows success in business endeavors or success in achieving what you value. Natal 5th house doesn't show a promise of winning lottery but Jupiter/Moon in SR. 2nd may help you achieve something much richer. Realizing what you value most in life. Another significant aspect is your Venus return in the 11th. Natally Venus rules your Asc. and 6th house. Working hard to realize your dreams?

Hope this helps. Looks like a memorable year ahead indeed.

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