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2019 Solar Return

I just don't know what to make of this chart. It's just so...busy. The Saturn Pluto conjunction coming in January is going to occur right on my MC. In the solar return chart, it falls in the 3rd house. I was hoping to get another job this year but it's been difficult. I applied for another position in another department where I work but there are 19 qualified applicants, so I don't know.

I'm loving Jupiter and the Moon in Sag in the 2nd house but I'm hating all those squares. (Jupiter in the 2nd house - possible lottery win???) The trines to the Saturn Pluto conjunction from the Virgo stellium are nice and the grand trines (thanks to Uranus) are great, but those squares from the Moon Jupiter conjunction in the 2nd house still have me concerned. Is this going to (finally) be a good year financially and career wise, or just another disappointing year in the same job with ever increasing bills? The Virgo stellium in the 11th house makes me want to believe I'll actually achieve something I want this year. I've worked long and hard to improve my life, but so far, the reward has fallen very short of the effort.

I had a flood recently and I am going to be getting some insurance money. However, all of it will go to making repairs. I hope to have that done in the next 4 to 6 weeks. If there is any money left over, and that's a big IF, I plan to maybe start a home based business. I am a creative person and I need an outlet. If I can swing it, I will purchase a knitting machine and make knits and sell them. I also make soap (such a Virgo thing to do...) I doubt I could make enough to leave my job but I think I could make some extra money.

I am attaching my solar return as well as my natal chart just because the natal also has a 4 planet stellium in Virgo, and I have to believe this year will be memorable (in a very good way, I hope.)
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