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Re: Suggestion needed :)

Turkish Girl,

If anyone here offers astrology services, they have one or both of the following: a link in their signature, or a post about it on the Advertising board, or both. Offering to pay people for services in this forum, let alone actually doing it, is against the rules. What you may do, if you want to hire a professional, is contact someone through their website link, which will be in their signature or Advertising post. From then on, all communication about their service and fees must take place off this forum.

You also have the option of posting the chart in the forum and letting people interpret it to practice their synastry skills. But that can't be a for pay service. We need to keep this not a commercial forum.

Private messages welcome if they're either moderation-related matters or personal messages for me, but please do not send me astrological questions or chart reading requests. I answer those on the forum sometimes, and in my practice always, but not in private messaging.

If you would like to read my blog or inquire about my practice, please visit

I also answer natal chart-based questions in its Ask the Astrologer feature. Submissions very welcome there!
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