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Originally Posted by anku View Post

Could you please guide me with the process, I followed and generated the chart, not sure where did I go wrong. Your help will be great
A horary chart is a chart of the moment when you are asking your question. For example, the exact time when you are sending your message with your question, plus your place, with Universal Time or GMT and some added time if necessary - summertime, etc.... An astrologer also may take his own time and place to draw a chart for the moment he is reading and understanding your question. For your case, I took my time and place when I have read your question- Moscow, 15.04 +3 22.08.19, so you may check. Asc 7 Sag, MC 10 Lib, S1 Jupiter, s10 Venus. Your natal chart added is not needed here in a horary theme.
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