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Re: Proof Aquarius is ruled by uranus AND Saturn?

Originally Posted by david starling View Post
Modern is "on, beyond Saturn" by including the next Planet outside of Saturn's orbit as a sign-ruler.
Traditional stops with Saturn, which is why it Traditionally rules 2 signs, like all of the other Planets inside of Saturn's orbit.
The zodiac signs is the evolving of the human being, from 1 (Aries) to 12 (Pisces).

Saturn/Capricorn is about old age and old people, right after that is about after having grown up and fully matured (Capricorn stage) the focus shifts to intellectualism used towards the greater good.

Aquarius is either ruled by just uranus or by both saturn and uranus. It cant be ruled by Saturn alone. I already proved Saturn's other side wouldn't be anything like Aquarius.

Plus, if Aquarius wasn't ruled by uranus at all, then why was uranus created by God? Is it just a pointless planet?

In any case its clearly impossible to say what exactly Aquarius is ruled by unless we look at the condition of uranus and Saturn in people's horoscopes.

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