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Originally Posted by helike13 View Post
In my first 30 years I had been continuously rejected by women. Couldn't establish any sexual/romantic relationships. At the age of 30 I found myself far away from my home country in something like an arranged marriage (a marriage that is rather a business agreement and lacks love/intimacy/sex) so I am completely doomed in the field of relationships and intimacy.

I have Cancer ASC conjuncts Sirius fixed star. Moon in Cancer conjuncts ASC from 12th house side (SuperCancer).

My chart features a Mystic Rectangle, a Boomerang Yod which involves 6 of my planets by conjunction and I have an extreme amount of retrograde planets, 6 in total. Everything below the horizon (ASC-DSC axis) is retrograde and everything above it is direct.

So that's all folks...
The astrology speaks eloquently.

In another thread, I just posted that "all planets below the horizon are retrograde, a dependable indicator of the solitary creature, the lone wolf."

The condition suggests someone with a powerful but unfulfilled desire for the closeness of a family [4th cusp central to "below the horizon"], who must ultimately follow a solitary path.

I share this and other features of your chart, so you might say I know whereof I speak.

I'm 77 now, completely cut off from all family, and my two dogs, my real friends and constant companions for over 14 years, both died within 3 months of each other. I am completely alone.

A new chapter in life. My loss, my aloneness bring a new freedom, a new opportunity.

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