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Re: Are all Cancer Ascendant doom to marry later in life?

Originally Posted by Fz hb View Post
Hi. I am a cancer ascendant with Saturn rulling 7th and uranus rulling 8th. Saturn and uranus are in 5th and 5th is ruled by pluto. I hope you guys are getting the picture. Also pluto is in 4th conjunct moon and venus where the degree placement of moon and the presence of pluto has damaged all three planets and my fourth house matters. I have never experienced any connection in my life ever. I never felt any connection even to my mother let alone anyone else. Although I want to have fun healthy reliable relationships but I also avoid them by avoiding people as much as I can.
I guess cancer ascendant has given me this perfectionist attitude towards relationship which has made it difficult for me to embrace reality. Somehow I always wanted relationships to be the way they were in books and movies; perfect that is.
My history with bullying may also be something that my cancer ascendant has given me. I was bullied alot and at times I get bullied even now. My parents never stood up for me when i was a kid instead they made me feel guilty for not being socially accepted and sometimes even punished me for being an embarrassment for them.
Saturn has given me some strength to protect myself but it has also made me so disciplined in some cases that i cant break away from my rigidity and harshness. With Saturn and uranus in 5th being ruled by pluto, I have come to a point where I don't feel satisfied or happy with anything. Nothing is enough for me I guess, or may be I just never knew how to feel good about anything.
So it's like moon makes me weak in some areas and Saturn balances those out but then Saturn makes me miss out on cerrain things in life that moon tries to make up for. But in all this game of adjustment and compensation life isn't moving ahead. I am still struggling to move towards a future that i may never see.
hi there. is this the vedic chart you are talking about? because i am also cancer ascendant with similar planets like your's with saturn and uranus in 5th and pluto and moon in the 4th.

am sorry to know about your situation and experiences. that's rough. my experience has so far been .. yes, was bullied by my cousins and others but honestly after sometime passed i never cared.. and it only showed me what they are as people and how insensitive and shallow they are that they get entertained by bullying someone! god (whoever) bless such people! so don't take it upon yourself. and my mom has always protected me from all this with fierceness but yes, she also punished me too. so i can totally relate to it. it's conflicting with my mother for me. but am also very deeply attached with my parents. and my relationship experiences! some were good and some were ok.. but it always ended in bad way, and caused me much pain and then asked myself is it worth it. i still crave for some companion but only if it's mutual and compatible because i am strong headed and don't like being controlled in anyway. so relationships for me has sucked big time and single since a while now.
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