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Re: The signs and placements that are powerful in the age of transparency (modern wor

Game of Thrones might have been fictional but the traits of each of the characters could be associated with many of the signs. Tyrion was obviously a Gemini or had a lot of air signs in him, no way in hell he was a Scorpio, too emotionally and short-sighted to outwit anyone. On the flip side, I would say someone like Cersei would be what a pissed off Leo is like. As for Scorpio, seems like Ramsay Bolton fits the bill although like any other Scorpio who tries to evade karma, he got his.

As for the real world, I understand that being on an ego trip is good for no one and you do genuinely have to care. On the other hand it is helpful to know when someone with Scorpio traits might pop up in the business world so you can avoid doing business with them or fire them when you do find out about their traits, that way, you keep the vision for bettering humanity going.
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