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all about who could swing a sword the best,
Then came the age of hidden politics where what you did behind closed doors won the war.
ability to play the subtle social game without getting too invested with their emotions.
Scorpio who has a lot of hidden skeletons in its closet and tries to keep them hidden, I believe air signs own up to those hidden skeletons and can talk themselves out of them in front of the public.
As I'm becoming more aquainted with your threads, it has become quite clear to me, atleast from my perspective, that you have an extremely perverse understanding of many principles.

Since when does playing games, not investing emotions, taking action in obscure and secretive ways, and having manipulative "strategic" methodologies in place ever synonymous with transparency or any degree of legitimate authenticity.

In addition, "Owning up" to your hidden skeletons and the ability to talk yourself 'out of them' are two entirely different and contradicting notions. To be quite honest, I have absolutely zero respect for someone who lives on such a base & superficial level without any regard for higher principles and higher minded pursuits.

You basically said, in so many words, that "power" is synonymous with inauthenticity, living an absolute lie, selling oneself out - & others, and the ability to never own up & actually take responsibility for one's actions/faults.

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