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The signs and placements that are powerful in the age of transparency (modern world).

I genuinely believe that in the modern world, power goes to the air signs by far. It was not always this way, I'd have argued that back when astrology was invented and it was all about who could swing a sword the best, Aries was the most powerful. Then came the age of hidden politics where what you did behind closed doors won the war, hence why Scorpios were seen as powerful.

Now, I believe that in the modern age of communication, social media, and transparency; it is the air signs who are by far the most powerful. I believe that the air signs are blessed with quick wit and the ability to play the subtle social game without getting too invested with their emotions.

Unlike a Scorpio who has a lot of hidden skeletons in its closet and tries to keep them hidden, I believe air signs own up to those hidden skeletons and can talk themselves out of them in front of the public.

For me, an air sign's power would be Tyrion Lannister, a prototypical Gemini in my opinion who is good at talking himself out of every troublesome situation.
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