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Re: Does progressed Moon in 12th house deny success?

What I want to say is that the 12th house pMoon isn`t necessarily associated with death. However, it is associated with illness, isolation/hospitals and being powerless/helpless.

I need to add that the native was heavily disabled. As soon as his pMoon entered 12th house, he suddenly had to be admitted to a hospital, where he contracted a life- threatening infection, which was treated with surgeries and IV antibiotics. The cause of this infection was negligence of hospital personnel. I`ll save you the details.

This infection came out of the blue.

When my pMoon entered 12th house (last July) , I also suddenly fell ill (sudden life-threatening infection) and spend some time in a hospital. The infection was associated with excruciating pain, that could only be stopped by the strongest existing painkillers. I underwent two surgeries under general anesthesia, was treated by IV antibiotics.

My infection came out of the blue as well.
However, unlike the native, I have neither disabilities nor chronic conditions, so I finally fully recovered.
But I suffered significant losses due to this situation. These can be resolved to some extent, but only with significant amounts of money, which is what I certainly don`t have right now.
I`m helpless - 12th house.
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