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Re: Does progressed Moon in 12th house deny success?

With regard to the Mars/Saturn transit in Sagittarius back in 2016. I also experienced a heavy death in the family during that transit and a subsequent falling out with a parent.
I`m sorry about that. I heard about many people dealing with deaths or similar terrible and painful events during that particular transit. Especially those with important Virgo placements.

I can imagine that the death of your child had a lot to do with your isolation, being grief-stricken and depressed isn't going to endear you to many people.
Right, you`ve put it very subtly.

The actual end of my social life (=partying, having fun, smoking etc.) and subsequent change of my daily routines and habits started when tUranus aspected my natal planets while transiting 8th house. Around the same time I also had multiple Saturn transits and it added some more bitterness to the already hardly edible 8th-6th house stew.

What I meant by the internet is that there are opportunities to make money online, and these opportunities will be open to you as long as you have internet access (so at the very least you can still access the world wide web). It may not be on the level of what your credentials could net you in terms of income (at least initially) but it's a start and it at least picks up the "remote" nature of the 12th.

Working from home is an option I`m considering right now, but it would keep me home alone. If I had a regular job, I would have a reason to get out of home. And to interact with other people on a regular basis. I mean direct face-to-face human contacts, rather than interacting with somebody who is hidden behind firewall and tons of technology.

Besides, remote job offers are still rather uncommon in my country.

Does the Moon have any significations toward profession or income in your natal?

Yes, actually my Moon sits in 6th natal hs.

Yes, it did sound jargon-y. I'm not actually familiar with her methodology. Could you elaborate more on how it works?
Transit grids are the easiest way of delineating transits and progressions, IMO. And follow a scheme of a cause - action - effect.

I`ll post a chart with pMoon in natal 12th house in my next post.

Happy Easter

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