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Re: Does progressed Moon in 12th house deny success?

Thanks for sharing this
Originally Posted by conspiracy theorist View Post
there was a lot of hardship and difficulty with Saturn's massage through the 12th which resulted in a winnowing of everything that was on shaky ground - which means I was left with basically nothing to stand on after the "clearing" was completed. The 12th house p.Moon coincided with t.Saturn on ascendant - and so began my ascent from the bottom. There was also a lot of displacement and instability during the time.
It's been a challenging and difficult time, but it was met with a fighting spirit and a will-to-live. Which counts for a lot. I'm no longer under that progression personally.

Also, a very important progression going on during the time was p.Jupiter conjunct natal ascendant.
Right, Saturn is your 1st ruler, so the end effects of his transit in 12th were rather positive, since 1st hs lands in 3rd row of the transit grid.

However, the transit of Saturn in the 12th by itself isn`t exactly what brings people joy, generally.

Also, pJupiter to any natal point seems to be a major modifier, since outers make little progressions, if any.

I can`t see any mitigating factors in case of the native, so I`d rather not predict success to anything the native does while pMoon is in 12th. There`s no more time to wait or waste. No activity can bring desired change, so no activity should be undertaken, because it would lead to depletion of (already very limited) resources. Yet, no activity means more trouble and more solitary confinement, so it looks like a vicious cycle.

Leo only makes things worst, because Leo seems to be the opposite of 12th house

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