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Originally Posted by clip11 View Post
i can get angry but for some reason i have a feeling of shame for expressing anger. also i had to work on being more courageous because its like i had a fear of not being able to defend myself. and i mean that literally like a fear that i wont be able to move.

i have had disappointments in relationships. i suffer from ADD and it hindered my social development and suffered from **** addiction which makes sexual relationships impossible because it causes ED.

Any advice on solving these aspects or making my mars stronger? And thanks for the reply
Hey clip11
I didn't want to say about sex/drug/alcohol problems/addictions (you might feel uncomfortable discussing about it) which are very common with Piscean/Neptunian Mars men.

Fear of expressing anger/being afraid of others' anger is also common. But it's interesting how you feel ashamed of expressing your anger.
Do you want to explain that to me via pm preferably in order to not get out of topic in this thread?
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