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Originally Posted by UnluckyGirl View Post
You have a difficulr chart indeed.

However I don't relly think your problems are due to Saturn by any means.

You should actually be thankful for having Saturn ruler of your Mercury in your 3rd house since you have a Mercury-Neptune conjunction. Saturn helps a lot here.

Also Saturn conjuncts your 4th H by 5 orbs
while Uranus conjuncts it by 4 orbs.
Saturn stabilizes Uranus, so once more it's helpful for you..

Your problem is your Mars which is weak by sign, it squares Uranus exact, Moon by 1 orb and ASC by 2 orbs and is in your 7th H of relationships.

And your Moon which is in conjunction with your Uranus exact.

Your Mars (sexual attracrion and action) and Venus (likes, values) in square (doesn't agree) with your Moon (emotions).

Your 7th H is ruled by Neptune and Neptune conjuncts both youe Sun and Mercury. Which brings disappointments in relationships.

Uranus is strong in your chart.. You're definately Uranian and then Neptunian.

Uranus brings sudden changes. The native needs mental stimulation, it gets bored easily and doesn't like routines especially when in a hard aspect to Moon. Moon in mutable sign and in haed aspecr to Uranus definately makes feelings change quick.. Weak Mars in hars aspecr to Uranus may show aggressiveness. Lack of patience is a given here.

I can see how all these would bring problems to your relarionships.

I wish you had Saturn in conjunction to Uranus at least in irder to stabilise it and keep it down to earth as much as possible.

I have myself Uranus in 6th H conjunct 7th H and opposite Sun and it s*cks.

I am very interested to know if you're overly aggressive and getting pissed off easily.. Mars-Uranus gives sudden explosions which die as suddenly. Mars in hard aspect to Moon make the person really hard to be around in the same house.. too much tention. But Mars in Pisces is passive.
i can get angry but for some reason i have a feeling of shame for expressing anger. also i had to work on being more courageous because its like i had a fear of not being able to defend myself. and i mean that literally like a fear that i wont be able to move.

i have had disappointments in relationships. i suffer from ADD and it hindered my social development and suffered from **** addiction which makes sexual relationships impossible because it causes ED.

Any advice on solving these aspects or making my mars stronger? And thanks for the reply
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