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Re: How to graduate from Astrology 101

For the ways which I'm used to get involved into things, this forum has been incredibly helpful. There's been a lot of confrontation, heated exchanges too, mainly because, when I joined, I wanted to let everyone know of the astro-logical system that I apply, which is kinda challenging to accept, especially if you're devoted to the traditional astrology concepts.
So, thanks to the debates and the insults : ))))) I got to dig in all the stuff I was reading, and that's been priceless. And the more I was reading, the more I
knew I was on the right road... to question everything is the key.

Of course, you can do this only if you have a strong passion for the subject, astrology can be a time consuming and endless research, at its best.

The moment in my life that, I think, has improved my ability to see things inside an astrological frame, is when I started to get obsessed to the wheel mechanism.. I was there confronting my wheel and the ones of the people close to me, it all made sense from a data-listing point of view... but it was weird, I could sense there was more; an underlying pattern in that same wheel that elevated itself from all the subjective charts.. it was everywhere. Well, I happened to make a dream after that. It was like the wheel was opening up in front of my eyes... I don't know how to express this, I remember that after that dream I told everyone about it.. I was blown. And that's when I started to love astrology.

Intuition, yeah.
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