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Originally Posted by FishNChips62 View Post
-----------------------Vedic Astrology-------------------------
I `m not sure if I believe in Vedic Astrology just seems WAY too complicated to me. But, maybe that`s exactly what might make it more exact. And that`s exactly what we look for when we`re uncertain about our destiny...the more exact the better, right? I still don`t believe it, tho, none of the reports i`ve done based on it have said anything that was strikinlgy similar to me. None. Here are all my Vedic Astrology links, anyway. =] Enjoy. They all offer free reports. You have to sign for all of them, so be ready to give an e-mail address and keep track of all those accounts.........yeah. Lol. Click on free reports, then gun-milan Pretty bad in my opinion, but perhaps you can find something useful in it.

--Compatibility--You have to sign up/log in for any of these links to work. Gun-Milan compatibility #1 Total *Ashkoota* count between partners Only.
No idea, ^^this site^^ wouln`t let me sign up! (exact same report as above, but different website) Gun-Milan Compatibility #2 NICE COMPATIBILITY READING!!! TRY IT =D arduous input fields, result isn`t worth it but here it is anyways

---Natal Reports--- Rising Sign/Asc description vedic Birth Chart data Your Birthstar Know Yourself ---Very Good!!

---Vedic Horoscopes and Forecasts--- General Whole Life Prediction Planetary Transits Free *predictions* Didn't seem true for me. Daily/Weekly/Yearly Horoscope --good =]

Now, last but NOT least~, we move on to Numerology! yay! i definitely believe in it, it has just said so many things that are way too right on target, to not be.

First of all, you should DEFINITELY download `s numerology program. It gives you ONE free FULL report and unlimited reports with only numbers and no descriptions. Please use the one free full one for urself =] It is sooooo good, and so very true! I`m so serious! Being such an emotional person, it has definitely helped me a ton! Even if you`re not emotional, you should still try it! cuz it tells you the reason why you`re put on this earth..your "Life Path". it also tells you what u yearn most to do in this life, how you first express urself and come off to others, and even the challenges and things you`ll have to overcome! Don`t worry won`t ruin anything exciting it`s not that detailed, and it`d be way too complicated and uncalled for anyway if it were.

Here are my Other numerology websites that just kind of rephrase everything int hat report..according to your numbers. Good reading by e-mail *must be logged in* free life path desc reading your Destiny, Expression, Personality and Heart (or Soul Urge like in Decoz`s report) numbers sign up a short but sweet reading good for free daily scope and personal year number readings that you can`t re-order in ur one-time decoz numerology report. personality and personal year # Life Path, Destiny, Birthday, and Forecast numbers Cafeastrology-Yu by Your Numbers

---Compatibility--- side by side interps. of 2 people Romantic Compatibility--Good!! Do-It-Yourself Compatibility Short Sample Report Beginning, Middle, and Later in a relationship. The best!!

This is a great site. Look closer, you`ll see what they say is true. Tried it with many names
Click on all the links you see, each holds something interesting! =] Enjoy!

---------------------------------------Chinese Astrology---------------------------
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chinese Astrology zodiac match-maker Free chinese horoscopes and sign compatibility nice, well-designed site, chinese sign descriptions w/ combined element reading

For a wealth of reports and even one that tells you what is the best birth date for you aka your soulmate check out these two links
Also it tells you
What Day/Month/Year sign&element are you in chinese astrology?
First post here! This was so helpful for me to play around with charts. I appreciate your time and what it took to post all the info.
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