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Re: Todays Moon - Its Tropical & Its Sidereal Location & Effect On Sign Ruler Influen

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The overlap of Tropical and Sidereal generally depends on what Ayanamsa is used.
There's also a Lunar cycle in Vedic
that makes it more involved than just the Ayanamsa.
No big deal though--I really appreciate these Moon reports!

The Indian Government has chosen the Lahiri Ayanamsha as the official Ayanamsha.
This is the Ayanamsha most sidereal Jyotishis follow, chosen in the early to mid 20th Century.
This is not an ancient decree from the hoary sages of old as most seem to think
but a political decision
made to make sure business and government employees take their holidays on the same day!
Before this decree, there was no standard Ayanamsha.
You could move from state to state in India, and the Ayanamsha would change by geography.
The Lahiri Ayanamsha is actually the Chitra-pakshiya Ayanamsha invented by the Ketkar brothers.
In 1954-55 it was stated that this Ayanamsha was:
based on no authoritative source
was adopted to avoid public opposition
that the proper Ayanamsha should indicate a precession of 20 degrees
instead of 23 as is currently accepted Ryan Kurczak

Here are exact quotes from

“Actually the current orthodox panchangas (the Chaitra Panchangas) or Panjikas
show April 13 or April 14 as the beginning of the sidereal Nirayana year.
Due to the accumulated error of about 3 ˝ degrees in the motion of the Sun,
i.e. 3 ˝ days in the calendar date; but if we are to correct the position
the Nirayana sidereal year should begin on April 10 or 11
i.e. a concession of 20 degrees should be given instead of 23 degrees.” S. K. Kar 1954

“The Calendar Reform Committee proposed the adoption of 23d 15m 0s as Ayanamsa
in order to avoid opposition from the public.
The Chaitra school too has come into being in order to avoid public opposition.
Neither of these, however, is in conformity with the truth.” S. K. Kar –1955

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