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How astrology made me withdrawn.


I was not very fond of astrology, until I was told by an astrologer that I went through a trauma starting from November 2014, and it's still with me?

He was talking about Ashtama Sani.

Yes. It blew me away! Yes, it was a cold spine chilling night somewhere in europe when I was about to be homeless and later losing that baby I was carrying.

So I started studying astrology a bit more. And many things were amazing to know. Very accurate.

But how it made me withdrawn is the malefic planetary positions that discourage me! Knowing I HAVE to endure it, is terrifying!

Rahu in the 12th house. Ketu conjuct Mars. Capricorn in the 7th house, its lord aspecting the lord of my ascendant cancer "Moon". Not a fun position. It's inflicted.

And I have 6 planets in 5th house(saturn, pluto, mercury, jupiter, sun, and venus(sun combust venus btw). Stellium. It's too much burden.

And the predictions? Some are very sad. Like I cannot have kids? Most probably marriage is not for me. I am 33 and praying in the dark as if I am 100, and wanting this life to end.

An astrologer told me, you might feel better in 2020. And I am until that time I am going to be like this? Everyday? I am hopeless about pursuing a degree in art, because I am supposed to be a loser according to astrology, nowadays, no matter what? I am dropping the idea even.

This is the time period of my life when whatever I touch is turning into dust. It's been 2 years. Health is down.

Is there no way to change the malegic planetary positions? To nullify the negative affects?

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