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Re: Confusion over 12th House Virgo North Node Interpretation

Originally Posted by magicalist View Post
Hi there, I'm hoping a lovely astrology enthusiast will see my post and help me intrepret my north/south nodes. I have always been confused how to interpret my 12th House Virgo North Node / 6th House Pisces South Node because they are both in their respective opposite signs and houses therefore contradict each other when interpreting.

For instance, the north node represents my karma, so I look up virgo and it tells me all the virgo characteristics of my karma, perfectionist, critical, work etc but because it's in the 12th house, I now have the opposite karma which is the piscean qualities, day dreamer, the unconscious etc. Do you see what I mean? And the same goes with the south node, it's in pisces but in the 6th house so in effect the virgo properties come in there too.

How do you intrepret the north and south nodes when each sign/house contradicts the other? I would really appreciate if someone could help me interpret these placements. Many thanks.
This is called a reverse nodal axis, when the sign of the node falls in the opposite sign to its natural zodiac placement. (I happen to have a reverse nodal axis too).

This indicates a soul who has worked on on the opposing nodal energies many times in the past and now must work on a deeper integration and focused effort to express the positive energies of the signs.

A 12 h Virgo NN needs to work on spiritual issues and connection to the Divine (Pisces) which is focused through practical service to the collective (Virgo).

I have a NN in Pisces in the 6h, SN in 12h Virgo. My soul purpose in this life is to channel the Divine from the 12h, from the collective, and express this in everyday life, work and service.
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