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Re: Confusion over 12th House Virgo North Node Interpretation

Thank you. You've heard the adage, "Knowledge is power.". What I'm
saying here is, knowledge of sensation is power. It is the undoing of one shadow at a time until all is light. Anyone with 12th House involvement is honored with this Commission: turn darkness to light, unseen to seen.. Not for the faint of heart! But perfect for the valiant spirit who aims to hit her target every single time. Fear of death? a belief of loss? Constriction over the throat and chest? Hidden murky condemnations that would keep you down? Breathe deeply. You are the light. Welcome every dark thought and sensation as your only child, as your salvation, as your Abundance. Learn to uncover the secrets of such darkness. I believe this is what the Master meant when he said, "Fear not, I have overcome the world.". Archer, so have you! One bulls-eye after another.....
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