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Re: All sorts of Free Astrology Report sites

Originally Posted by FishNChips62 View Post
free astrology reports
As a tenacious person with a majority of fixed signs in my chart, I made the decision to find good astrology sites, and for a whole month I researched for them in my free time.

Some of them I found with The program Yoono, which finds you similar sites to the one you're currently on. I also used

I use a lot of these websites regularly. They give great insight into my relationships as well as into my own life and personality. I hope they will be just as helpful to you.

I'll list the ones I find most useful and uncannily accurate first.

Some of my favorite astrology articles: or
The best compatibility readings I have ever read in my life. It is so accurate it gives me goosebumps. For moonit I just put in the other person's birth data into the profile and put my birth data in the report where their birth data is supposed to go. Then, for each person i change the profile data to their birth date, and then i go to dashboard and change the relationship type to whatever type is not selected, then you'll see the reading changes. The website explains that the friendship compatibility shows your long-term compatibility since friendship is the foundation of any relationship. And for me, what i noticed is the romantic compatibility was how we first acted when we met and stuff, like before, bad ish happened or whatever. In this website you can do a free rate you romance report which is very helpful and accurate, and will be done by a real astrologer. Yes, a real astrologer looks at your composite chart and gives a specific details of how the relationship would be like and if you are compatible. Also, in the free wisdom forum, you can ask any questions for free, and he will answer it for you, but you can only ask once every two weeks. From whether someone is your soulmate, how your destiny will be, or if you are compatible with someone, or anything else you can think of, you will get a reply from this experienced astrologer within two days.

A few books I recommend: Check out "The Love Relationship Formula" , "Aspects in Astrology" by Sue Tomkins to learn about your inner self, your motives, your subconscious desires. Trust me, you'll be amazed. Astrology is truly amazing! Those of you who haven't gotten to explore its beautiful intricacies are missing out on quite the cool stuff. This website is simply amazing. It tells you the trials and tribulations you will go through your entire life (each time of your life will have its own theme) and most importantly tells you the lessons you need to learn in this lifetime. The lifepath number and all other numerology numbers were uncanny and incredibly insightful into my personality, and I feel much more connected to myself after visiting this website. I would recommend it to everybody. Click on "Free Reports" at the top to see the reports. click on english at the top and click on "free astrology reports." Very helpful site with quality sample reports, and quite a few of them full reports for FREE. Get a compatibility rating! Or want just a quick match-up of how compatible you are? Go to Click on the image that when hovered over shows "Astro Reports" in the center image. This is a wonderful website with very accurate sample readings showing synastry and composite interpretations together. The natal readings and the rest are just as accurate and helpful. The compatibility report somehow knows exactly they way to sum up your relationship with someone. It's here: This website kind of creeped me out with how accurate it was when describing my compatibility with different people. It was right every time. But, since it doesn't tell you how to fix anything or lists any of the positives, I see it as somewhat pointless. I was able to see do the report with different people by creating a new account every time with a new e-mail address from / This website is very interesting because it hs such a wealth of information from an obviously brillaint astrologer. It combines different planetary placements to give you a more specific and insightful reading, and it also combines different occult practices to give you a most hair-raisingly accurate description of your inner self. It also has combined eastern and western signs readings, combined sun and moon sign readings, combined sun and rising sign readings, combined eastern sign and rising sign readings, combined numerology and eastern and western sign readings, and a whole new occult practice I had never heard of before which is not numerology nor astrology. It's just based on your first name and there's another based solely on your last name. Each is incredibly accurate. It also gives compatibility readings between first names and last names, also incredibly on point. To top it all off it gives a HOROSCOPE for your combined sun, moon, rising, eastern sign, life path number, and first name. I can't say that was very true for me, though. Go to the french version, and use google translate to translate the web page. Great for getting your daily horoscope! It`s actually really true for your general mood that day. Thefutureminders is also awesome for their free reports. Even though they are samples and they don't offer many at that, their quality is terrific. Try this: On the "Love and Compatibility" report (this report finds the common aspects between two natal charts) create a new profile of you in addition to your already existing one and use the two of them for the report. You'll see how it honestly describes genuine things in your personality!
You can also do the same thing for anybody else, too. And you can also just compare another person's profile with yours to see what aspects you have in common, which is delightful, because it's not synastry, or composite chart general relationship compatibility, it's about the simple fact that you both have certain natal aspects in common. How didn't any astrologer ever think of that before?

This is a neat little gadget It gives you a rating for how easy it is for two people to love each other, how easy it is to accept each other as you are. I`ve found that even if your starmatch rating from above is really low, if this rating is high, you can still make a successful relationship. Wont mean you'll be especially happy, but you will find it easy to make up in the end. If it's vice versa with your starmatch rating higher than this one, then you're not likely to even ever become acquaintances!

Go here to look up the definition of all the aspects on your chart. Make sure you know what those funny-lookin glyphs mean, first though =]

Look up the house cusp rulers and planet positions, too!
*Planets in Signs:
*Planets in Houses:
*Houses in Signs:

Small sample reports

Great Sun & Moon House Placement description, And mini-compatibility synastry and composite reports or I found the natal reading very good, but the romance and compatibility report and the rating were pretty off for me. If this site isn't working, try

Another website that offers natal and compatibility readings. has good ones, too. An italian astrology site with a compatibility rating and natal report. Use google translate to translate. Click on tema coppia for romantic compatibility, and tema natal for a natal report. The best thing about it is it gives a compatibility rating on different levels.

-If you're looking for the technical basics (or actually pretty advanced) ..of astrology it`s all here:

-You can get a nice birth chart and even nicer cool stuff and data about your chart for as many times as you want (just put a different email each time) here:

Here: A dating site that claims to match you based on astrology as well. I haven't tried it. 366 Birthday Horoscope Profiles
wonderful ...I love crushcalculator as well please add it to your list
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