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Re: Why aren't there any birds among the signs?

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Of all the non-zodiac (or parazodiac) constellations, Aquila (the Eagle) represents the United States of America, after all our national bird is the bald eagle. Just above Sagittarius (the US' natal chart ascendant) and Capricorn, Aquila's brightest star Altair is of astrological significance when a planet plus the Sun or Moon is below it on the ecliptic.

Scorpio has an "eagle" portion, as well a "lizard" or "snake" and "phoenix". Each portion will be different in personality, character and life experiences. My own sign Aquarius would vary, like the 0-9 degrees aren't the same like my 20-29 degrees (my sun at 26, Moon at 20). What's interesting is my Uranus is in Scorpio (25 deg), located near it's stinger or tail.
Man, Bull, Lion and Eagle, all these represent the four Fixed signs and the four Elements, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio

In Antiquity, the symbol of the eagle was always associated with Scorpio.

The eagle is the king of birds, because it is capable of flying above the clouds as it seeks the Sun

The eagle possesses keen eyesight, permitting him to see his prey from vast distances and home in
The eagle has powerful talons

association with Mars is appropriate due to a US focus on the Military and War
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